Some things to think about on the path of Self Awareness.

I was reflecting on a structure to help work out who I am and where I want to go in life. I came up with 6 points and answered them for myself.

1) Decide what kind of person you want to be.

I want to be as heroes and angels are in stories – the universally ideal being that is admired and respected across all cultures. I want to have an inner strength and live with a peaceful heart and mind. I want to connect with others meaningfully and be a positive contributor to others.

2) What kind of basic principles do you live by?

  • I will never inflict intentional suffering.
  • I will guard against inflicting unintentional suffering.
  • I will desire happiness in all people and help them in anyway I can to achieve this.
  • I will be truthful and genuine. I will be transparent.
  • I will focus outwardly and empathetically on other people and analyse the effects of my actions on them. Being a good person requires this.

 3) Build a meaning structure based on these principles to define the person you are and where you are going.

  • I will put energy and focus into my relationships because they give meaning to my life.
  • I will seek knowledge and experience to help grow myself because it gives meaning to my life.
  • My words will have meaning and intention and action to back them up because it is meaningful to me for my word to reflect my true self.
  • I understand that I am part of a vast and complex system of people – a society. It is meaningful to me to make a positive contribution to it and I understand that my actions ripple through its fabric in a potentially large way.

 4) Assess what you want to be better at and take actions for improvement.

  • I want to improve my mindfulness. -> meditation, self monitoring to maintain a mindful state.
  • I want to find new and better ways to think about things -> seek out and befriend people you admire, read good books, watch good talks on the internet.
  • I want to be better at telling stories -> be mindful and develop a habit of putting in effort when telling stories and don’t be self conscious that you might be boring because not telling stories is more boring.

 5) You will now know what you like and where you want to go because you have a firm definition of who you are and what drives you.

  • I surround myself with people I admire and love. I prioritise them above everything else and give them my full focus and attention.
  • I seek an occupation where I can help to train others in these skills.
  • I stay away from routine and seek out new, positive experiences.

6) Understand that this is an ongoing process where you will continuously define your self definition.

I take joy from this ongoing process and sharing it with others as they go through their own. I understand that there cannot be an end that this is something I will do for my entire life.

It would be cool if some people wrote their own answers in the comments :)

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