Ebbs and Flows

We seem not to notice how much the people in our lives constantly change. We tend to behave as though things will be this way forever. But things will change. We each have only so much attention to divide between our relationships. People will move away, colleagues will change jobs, children will grow up, friends will have families or come across people they connect better with. And because of this, the level of attention and importance we give each other will change as well.

Think in your life who was the most important to you 1 year ago? 2 years? 5 years? etc. Who were the top 5 people you gave the most attention to? How have they changed? Why have they changed?

Even our closest friends and family relationships change in strength and importance. Some to the point of extinguishment. Others unshakably close.

I guess the point is that this is a part of life we have to accept. We need to enjoy every moment to the fullest with the people who are currently important to us. Things will probably change soon but at least we made the most of it.

  1. This is a very valid point . when you stop and think about all those who have slipped away from you.

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