Monthly Archives: May 2014

I helped a man who was bumping his baby’s pram awkwardly down the stairs at a busy underground railway station yesterday.

As usual, I thought about why I like to do little things like this and came up with these answers:

  • Because I define myself by my goodness and base my value on it.
  • Because I am outwardly focused even in a busy station when I am already half way up the steps and having to go the opposite¬†way to help him.
  • Because I have seen strangers help others down steps before and being impressed by this, the idea was resting in my subconscious waiting for the next opportunity. I was inspired by witnessing the kind actions and sought to become this myself.
  • Because I want to also be such an inspiration to others which I think worked because one lady said quite loudly to her friend that she is glad there are still nice people in the world.
  • Because this is how we shift social norms from inward to outward thinking. To a world where a man with a pram will instantly be helped rather than waiting until he is half way down the stairs before one of the many people rushing past him stops to help.
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