Many people describe themselves as “passionate” when they are really just prone to swinging between emotional extremes. Real passion is a concentrated focus of pure emotion towards something. There must be a conscious meaning structure driving it forward. Passion is caring.

If the so called passion is based only on feelings with no deeper reasoning then it will quickly fizzle out (sometimes after driving us into an undesirable situation or relationship). genuinely passionate person will always have a clear explanation behind all the things they are passionate about.

I think most people avoid being passionate because it means raising one’s expectations, it means pursuit, it means effort. This makes us vulnerable to failure. And most of us are inherently afraid of failure. We develop a coping mechanism of shield ourselves from failure by trying not to care too much about anything or anyone.

This leads to the greatest failure of all. A life paralysed by fear. A life partially lived.

  1. M. R. said:

    True. Nevertheless, I still claim to be passionate about the things that drive me. Do your best ! – I shall not resile from that statement. :-D

  2. Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve met one too many people who are just so passionate about everything it becomes tiresome and somehow desperate. True passion lives deep within us, not just the fleeting attraction to someone or something that moves us at the time. True passion is vulnerable to disappointment felt deeply thus the fear…

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