There are so many opportunities presented to us every day. It is quite amazing. They always come from other people.

We live within a huge and complex social network. Almost everything we achieve in life is through other people. Whether it be a job offer, a close relationship or a great idea. This is why building relationships with other people is the most important skill you can have.

First we need to see the opportunity. This is where most people stop. They just don’t see it. We need to see almost every decision is in some way linked to following or creating new opportunities.

Second, we need to pursue the opportunity. We need to have the confidence to fully explore this path. Sometimes this requires some (real or perceived) risk, sometimes none at all. We need to assess whether the risk is worth the potential reward. But most of all we need to throw away fears and counter mental laziness by being mindful and putting in our energy until we are satisfied.

These days I find myself constantly looking for and trying to create new opportunities. When I see them I throw myself fully into them.

For Example (not perfected all these things yet):

  • When meeting a new person who could become a close friend I can be a bit more full on than is the social standard. Go go strongly for them, I don’t muck around. I give them the picture of who I am and allow them to respond as they desire. I will continue to follow up with them until a solid connection is made or I am satisfied that this path is not going anywhere.
  • Not saying no to an invitation just because I lack some energy at that particular moment. You never know what amazing things could eventuate.
  • Always trying to engage in a positive way with every person I meet even if I am deep down disinterested. You never know what hidden surprises there could be.
  • Reading and looking for great ideas in books and other media.

This forceful continuous search for opportunities has lead me to amazing new friends, a great career and opportunities for living in a few different countries so far.

Don’t forget that you are also a provider of opportunities for other people as well, so be generous!

We make our own luck!

  1. petit monde idiot said:

    Love this blog! Each post gives a unique perspective on the things that, no matter age, sex, culture or social standing, experiences.

  2. Glenn said:

    Relationships have been what all the negative and positive things in my life have been built on.
    I have led a life rife with poor decision making, surrounding myself with the individuals that fit in with the values of that decision making and have paid dearly in time, plus physical, mental and emotional health. Substance abuse is a tricky thing, no?
    I then chose to surround myself with people that fit values and ideals that were better suited for all the aforementioned health and those relationships help to encourage growth and foster a positive outlook and lifestyle. Oh, sobriety.
    Thank you for sharing this. Your post is an excellent education in what one can expect in what one chooses to exercise in the social networking landscape.

    • I agree Glenn. The people you surround yourself with are a strong force on the way we think and I think it is nearly impossible to fully escape this. So really the only answer is to get good people.

  3. Anna said:

    Great post! Lately too many decisions have been made about my life without having me into account… and I feel a bit frustrated, but let’s see it the other way around, very unexpected new opportunities :)

    • Not much in life is out of our control. People like to blame external factors but it is almost always in some way in our control. To think otherwise is to run away from taking responsibility for yourself.

  4. Anna said:

    Indeed you are right! I got in less than two days maybe too many surprises, and I had the feeling of not having control of my life. I agree with you, it’s in our hands the path of our lives (or better, in our feet).

  5. My brother who is now about as successful as you can get is one of the most personable people I know. He has achieved much of his success through diligent hard work both in academics and in the work place, but his incredible ability to get along with and value everybody he meets has been an integral part of his success. He has referred to it as his circle of influence. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have said and reading your post has reminded me of the importance of being completely present in our interactions with others, as you do never know. After all that is what a society is all about, people helping people and of course giving back whenever you can. Great post!

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