Monthly Archives: December 2013

I was thinking about what I am trying to achieve at any single point in time – How do I live my life?

Everything I think, I say, I do is governed by three broad principles which I guess is linked to my “Three Ls” idea:

I am continuously pushing the limits of my mind. I find opportunities to expand my comfort zone – to broaden my horizons. I find opportunities to increase my capacity of mental energy – to destroy mental laziness and replace it with mental stamina. I find opportunities to increase my empathic capabilities – to improve my relationships with my fellow humans. Increasing the stamina of my mind by forcing thought when it tires.

I ensure my actions are right and good. Right thoughts flow into right words and actions. I minimise pain that I cause to others – it is impossible to cause no pain and sometimes it is necessary. I do not do to others what I do not wish to be done to me. On rare occasions where I find my conduct unethical I will do my utmost to correct the wrong and ensure it is not repeated. I aim to be source of goodness to the people and world around me.

I ensure that every day has value. Time spent with loved ones. New, positive and rich experiences. Reflections and learning. I recognise the scarcity of time and vigorously optimise the way that I spend it. I clutch on to my past because that is my life, I optimise the present while looking to the future because the present will soon be my past and the future will soon be my present.

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