Many people die at 25

“Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.”

~Benjamin Franklin

    • Yea. I have been thinking about this recently. Moving from being a child to an adult. Still in your early 20’s you feel like you have so much time. There is so much opportunity. Even if you havent got things figured out or your life seems a bit messed up for you its not a big deal because you have time. Then as people seem to age they lose the sense of time and infinite possibility. Combine this with the idea that most of them aren’t armed with the tools to navigate themselves or the world adequately and from this point on they are overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness until they die.

  1. kateherrod said:

    Great quote, now we need a post about how to stay 25 forever

    • Yes. They really need to teach some kind of life philosophy to school children.

  2. mewhoami said:

    I’ve never heard that before. Sadly, there are many people who can relate to it.

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