• Actions. Real love is demonstrated by actions.

      People can feel love towards another but at the same time do terrible things to them.

      • friarfrancis said:

        I agree.To love means one must tarry in both truths of love: It is to feel but it is most essential that love does. Love is an action. Love chooses time and time again. Love acts with hands, feet, and with the entire body. It is holistic in nature and takes all of one’s faculties. Love demonstrates and moves with acts of service that benefits the well-being others. Love casts is gaze at the heart of another and lives accordingly. In doing so, love looks to bring the best and bring out the best for his or her desired one.

  1. marty_m said:

    I was going to talk about action…yes…live is action.

  2. True. It’s the actions that bring the feelings and the words together.

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