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A brilliant speech by David Foster Wallace. He discusses empathy as a way of life, to get out of being stuck in your own head. To being aware of the beauty of the human experience and connect with others.

Our reality is based on how we interpret and give meaning to things. But this is a choice that we can make – we can choose our own reality.

I highly recommend reading the full transcript rather than just watching the video.

TRANSCRIPT – Thanks to “Intelligent Life”

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If you are “independent”, you are strong, you are the master of your own destiny. You rely on no one because people who depend on others are weak and not able to stand on their own two feet.

This is wrong.

No one is independent. Unless you live alone on an island, you cannot make this claim. Everything you are is because of other people. If you grew up in isolation, with no human contact Рwho would you be today?

In reality we are all very dependent on so many people around us:

  • for a sense of belonging, to love and be loved.
  • to teach us.
  • to give us opportunity.
  • to give us strength when we are weak.
  • to validate or challenge our perceptions.

Embrace your dependence but always remember to appreciate that people will also be dependent on you for different things. Do not forget to give back otherwise you may find yourself with no one to depend on – don’t fool yourself – you are dependent.

This co-dependence is at the core of all our personal relationships. It is the web that we call society, culture and economy. Humanity can be seen as a single complex organism which evolves over time through collective learning and memory. How cool is that?!

Everything we achieve in life is through others.

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