True Love: A Definition

True Love is understanding each other completely and knowing that if you could be with anyone in the world you would still choose her.

  1. I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a complete definition,at least not for me. If it is for you,ok,but it seems a little too common,generalized… It may be just my opinion but it seems incomplete. I know,I know,I shouldn’t talk about things I haven’t experienced or critique others when I may not be able to do better,but then nobody would learn,right? Anyway,nice!

    • Sure, it is “A” Definition. I seems complete to me, it depends on how you take the words.

      I’d be interested in your definition though :)

      • For me,true love is too much to put in a few words… And yes,this is an evasive answer.

  2. John said:

    I find the definition very fitting.

  3. I prefer Dr Seuss’s definition – that we’re all crazy, and sometimes we find someone else with the same kind of crazy, settle down together and call it love.

    • Sweet. Let’s be all crazy in love, shall we? (:

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