Dear Unworthy Friend

Dear Unworthy Friend

Why do you feel “not good enough”? Why do you feel worthless? Why do you fear rejection?

Can’t you see that despairing over your weaknesses makes you weaker? Focus on your strength.

Can’t you see that you cannot love others unless you love yourself? Don’t push us away.

Can’t you see that your fear makes your fears come true? Brave them.

Can’t you see that the past which haunts you also haunts your future? Learn and accept.

Embrace your greatness. You are worthy. We that love you are proof of that.


  1. toad (chris jensen) said:

    Well put, hard to follow!

  2. toad (chris jensen) said:

    Thank you for the follow!

  3. Taken a long time for this friend to learn. Thanks for the visit and the follow. I look forward to more from you!

    • Yes. Unfortunately this sense of unworthiness is learned in childhood and can take a very long time to unlearn – if at all!

  4. darsword said:

    Thanks for the ‘like’. Glad I checked you out. Looks like you have a wisdom I need to follow!

  5. As someone recovering from depression, with friends recovering from depression, knowing this is so important that it is hard to say.

    • I know just what you mean, knightveritas. It’s wonderful to slay the dragon of depression and come out on the other side and to see the world anew and rejuvenated, I hope you and your friends continue on your journey and don’t get sucked back into the dark, dangerous pit of despair and depression. =)

  6. Thank you for the “like” and I am so glad I read this post. While I’ve known these things, some of them I am relearning and it is such a nice feeling to let go of the things that have been causing me such pain for so long. I look forward to reading more of your blog. =)

  7. vozey said:

    Well to follow, and hard put.

    Don’t be a hater, and don’t be a self-hater.

  8. KevinHo said:

    A nice thought! Basically it falls in line with the “Power of Positive Thinking” and remaining optimistic in your life. By the way, thanks for the follow.

  9. thanks for followin.

    youve got a talent here.

  10. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am now following you as well. You have the gift of encouragement. <3

  11. Judy said:

    Very well said!

  12. It is not immediately clear why being kind to ourselves is so hard but the relentless pursuit of why – is worthy. Dig your ponderings “Thinking About Living” – what are we if not the sum total of everything we have ever thought? Maybe time for some new thoughts? Peace Out!

  13. David said:

    Through the process of recovery in AA, a slow learn, one finds their true self. As I look back over thirty-five years of sobriety the number one hurdle is the haunting past. God forgave me, then finally I forgave me. The joy today is hard to believe; part of which is lighting the path for others.”Dear Unworthy Friend” keenly grasps the concept.

    • I think one of the greatest things we can do in life is to facilitate others in reaching this point. :)

  14. payne12 said:

    Thanks for the follow! I have definitely subscribed to your blog because I see about 5 post titles that I know are going to contain great stuff, and that’s just on the front page. This particular post is important to me right now as I am working on learning ways to grow out of feelings of unworthiness.

  15. Thank you for following BigBodyBeautiful, my new friend. I am now following you, too. And, it’s because I’m loving what I’m reading on your blog so far. This post being but one of many fine examples. I couldn’t agree with you more. For so many years, I felt unworthy and decided one day to stop acting like a victim and do something about it. My blog is one step in a lenghty process of getting clear on my awesomeness and helping other people get there, too. Thank you for reminding people of their power, their hearts, and their worthiness. Hugs from your new friend, BigLizzy

  16. Michelle said:

    How wonderfully put. Definitely words to live by.

  17. songtothesirens said:

    I enjoyed your post. You said some very valid things that should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention. However, having bipolar disorder coupled with a few anxiety disorders makes some of those things very challenging. One thing that is common among Bipolar people is a tendency to live in the past when they were not “sick,” although most of up are fairly well most of the time. Another thing that is common is social anxieties and even phobias which make it difficult new people, start new jobs, start school for a different degree. So, while everything you wrote in this post is true, it is just not easy for people struggling sometimes just to get out of bed.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be a killjoy. I do actively seek to live my life as fully as possible. I have very few episodes and those I do have are mild and generally go away quickly. I do actually enjoy being around and meeting new people, I love new ideas, and i every day I wake up, I determine that my “self-talk” will not be negative, that I am a worthwhile person, that I can relearn how to love myself again (bad divorce), etc.

    I just felt this need to point out that some things are easier said than done :)

    • songtothesirens said:

      Oh, I failed to thank you for the follow on my blog. That was rude of me. I think if you sift through the archives, you will find some interesting stuff, some weird stuff, some painful stuff (I have been told by a close friend that my log is sometimes hard to read), and some funny stuff. It is my life as I experience it through an interesting lens that is sometimes a bit skewed :)

  18. Advice reminds of philosophy of Dr SJQ, MD Psychiatrist . Her blog – A Friend to Yourself. Thanks visit my blog.

  19. Rebecca said:

    Thanks for the follow to “”. I like your post today. It never helps to focus on our weaknesses unless it’s to change them.

  20. I really like this , a lot of thought has been put into this poem. xx

  21. Moniba said:

    I agree with chris jensen..

  22. opreach said:

    Great post! And thanks for following. :-)

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