What are you Afraid of?

We all have fears. Fear is necessary to prevent us from doing dangerous things. But in many cases it can also prevent us from doing good things.

Everyone allows their fears to define them and the choices they make to some degree. Sometimes we don’t even know we are afraid. It seems to me one of the biggest things that hold people back in life. We can defeat ourselves with it.

Some typical examples include;

  • Judgement
  • Failure
  • Loss of power/control
  • Rejection
  • Loss
  • Instinct based fears and phobias.

I think a good exercise is to write the things we are afraid of and even ask people who know us what they observe as we may not even be aware of some of our own fears. Then we should analyse how each of these fears affects our lives and if they are getting in the way of us reaching our personal and relational potential.

Many of these fears are the result of confused thinking or a lack of self-worth. If we write them down we can think about them and why we have them. We can talk about them with our close friends and get their perspectives.

It is only by recognising what and why we fear that we are able to move beyond them.

Don’t just read this, get a pen and write!

  1. glenn said:

    To respond to your call to action at the end of your post I must say that fear is a major theme in my shift in lifestyle and in turn, my blogging. For me, fear has led to self-limiting beliefs that have led to a history of destructive decision making. The cessation of destructive behavior and ensuing journey towards self-discovery have allowed me to better understand fear and the crippling effects it can wreak.
    Thank you for sharing this post!

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