The Meaning of Life: The Three L’s

What is the meaning of Life?

Everyone creates their own meaning, I am not going to say what it should be and I am not going to philosophise on esoteric spiritual or religious ideas which cannot be proven. All I can do is share the meaning that I have created.

It comes down to what is needed to maintain a feeling of contentment. When I use the word contentment I do not mean comfort (that’s boring!). I mean you are content with the combination of where you are and where you are going. A sense of progress while enjoying the journey with a clear conscience.

I call it the three L’s philosophy of life:

Love: I need love. People to love and care for. People to love and care for me. I need a sense of closeness and belonging. I need to share experiences and thoughts. These are the deep relationships that make life worth living.

Learning: I need a sense of continual personal growth and learning. I need to feel like I am acquiring new and useful knowledge, removing bad habits, adding good habits and moving towards a better self through new and interesting experiences.

Living Ethically: I need to maintain a sense of ethics and “goodness”. This is a complex topic but in summary I stay true to my word and take trust extremely seriously. I do not use or hurt people. I balance my interests with the interests of others. I give more than I take.

These principles bring a deep and dynamic life filled with inner peace and contentment. It is wonderful!


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