If all people are simply a product of their genes and life experience – neither of which is in their control – they cannot be responsible for who they are or even their actions.

I think that from this realisation we should look upon all people with compassion and mercy. How can we blame people for behaving within their nature any more than we can blame a wolf for taking a lamb. Like the classic fable by Aesop of the turtle and the scorpion.We should look at those less able than ourselves with compassion because they simply are what they are.

We can help them become strong by facilitating new experiences for them to improve.Although it is my observation, in most cases, that no weaknesses can be cured completely – they can certainly be moderated through persistence and patience. It really depends on how much time and energy we have to spare and if we think that a real difference can be made by helping.In any case the least we can do is be understanding and manage every person we meet with a gentle, benevolent, compassion.

Since achieving this mindset I feel myself empty of anger, empty of hatred, empty of sadness. It brings a general sense of peace and love to my being which is quite wonderful. I have incredible patience for everyone.A world where everyone thinks like this is one which I would love to live.  Let us all do our part by being an example to others.

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